AWRS Due Diligence

HMRC DUE Diligence Policy: Excise Notice 2002

HMRC AWRS (Alcohol Wholesaler Retail Scheme) Due Diligence Policy:

What is ‘due diligence’?

Due diligence is the appropriate reasonable care a company exercises when entering into business relations or contracts with other companies, and how it responds to specific trading risks it identifies.

As a condition of our approval as an alcohol wholesaler and in line with the HMRC AWRS excise notice 2002 we:

Objectively assess the risks of alcohol duty fraud within the supply chains in which we operate

Place reasonable and proportionate checks in our day to day trading to identify transactions that may lead to fraud or involve goods on which duty may have been evaded

Have procedures in place to take timely and effective mitigating action where a risk of fraud is identified. This is in the form of an information and governance check which focuses on the following:

  • Financial health of the company
  • Identity of the business
  • Terms of any contracts, payment and credit agreements
  • Transport details of the movement of the goods
  • Existence/provenance of goods
  • The deal, regular checks and the nature of the transaction itself including costs of goods sold, validity and market comparisons.

The checks we carry out at the beginning, annually or where deemed necessary will be recorded as part of our due diligence and governance policy.


For HMRC approved traders looking to buy from us or sell to us, we will request your AWRS pack for verification.

Our HMRC AWRS Number XRAW00000100110.